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#32: Annmarie and Adam on self-care and allowing yourself to play to open to flow and productivity

May 30, 2019

Knowing when to say no and how to say no is not an easy skill to learn and sometimes the universe smacks you right between the eyes with a big life lesson just when you don’t expect it. What happens when you ignore your bodies signals to slow down, take care and chill out?

This week, Annmarie and producer Adam Harris talk about how Jazmin Kay learned this big life lesson after her bout with pneumonia and what she is doing now to take care of herself and how you can learn to avoid burnout. Just in time for summer, Annmarie and Adam also chat about the importance of play in opening you to productivity and Annmarie challenges listeners to take some time to recharge and play, like Jazmin did, to be in-flow, at-ease, present and ultimately more productive.