YOUNIVERSITY - Pursue Life Fearlessly

#7: Despite her fear, Pitzer sophomore Lucy Hartman listened to her heart and got the courage to tell her mom she was quitting school to follow her dreams.

October 18, 2018

Lucy Hartman shares vulnerabily about her 2 year struggle at school.  After applying early decision and getting into her dream school Lucy quickly relaizes she is only in school to fullfill her moms dream for her to get a college degree.  After two years, and at the harsh realization that she was loosing the thing that made her special, unique and alive and beginning to make herself sick and depressed, Lucy musters up the courage to face the truth and her mom.  Lucy takes us on the journey and into her life as she describes her path and reminds us all that the path to success is paved differently for everyone and the key to your success lies within you and only you.