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#20: Flipping out on flipping your major, listening to your heart and other big lessons I learned in college with Skidmore Sophomore, Lilia Wilson

March 7, 2019

Today, I would like you to meet Lilia Wilson, a sophomore at Skidmore University, her dream school. I spoke to Lilia at the start of her sophomore year. Lilia is a great example of an empowered and courageous leader.  For years as she prepared for college she believed she had a clear understanding of what she wanted to study and eventually do with her life however early on first semester of her freshman year she began to realize things were just not working out the way she thought and she decided to switch majors and shift directions.

Listen in and learn how Lilia got the courage and clarity she needed to make this difficult decision and then cultivate the confidence to make the change that felt best for her.