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#22: Princeton Sophomore Nicolas Chae on rejection, leadership and doubt in college and in life.

March 22, 2019

Last week, we got to know Nic Chae, a Princeton sophomore with a wildly popular YouTube channel with over 50K subscribers created in large part because of Nic's willingness to be honest and vulnerable. This week we talked with Nic about balance and how he manages his his time and energy, between his passions and what he knows to be practical in his life. We talk about acceptance and rejection. It's March and admissions letters from your colleges are arriving. Nic Chae was there just a short time ago. He share how he dealt with rejection himself and tell us how it felt to be rejected from his dream school Nic also talks about a visit to a school that didn't sit well with him and how he listened to his inner voice on that visit and what did he do to take leadership of his own life. Enjoy part two of this two part interview with Nic Chae.